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Leonardo Balbi Designer

My name is Leonardo Balbi and I have been working as a designer of luxury glasses for top Italian and foreign stylists for 35 years. My career history can be considered unique as I have lived one of the most important periods for this sector. I have professionally grown up between the 70’s and 80’s, when a revolutionary transformation was occurring. Stylists became aware that glasses were gaining more and more popularity in the fashion system image.I have unwittingly been the protagonist and witness of that extraordinary historical moment. The numberless possibilities provided by this new relationship between fashion and eyewear systems has triggered an unstoppable growth process.

In 1985 I decided to open my first design studio, specialized in the creation of new glasses models.

Since then, I have designed numberless collections of luxury glasses, personally living the various stylistic changes occurring over the years.
I have also gathered an enviable archive containing all the details of each single project, as well as a valuable collection of vintage glasses, from the 70’s to present times, the result of a huge creative work I have personally experienced.
This intellectual wealth is now made available to those companies which wish to offer a unique product and to develop a brand fully representing their image and identity.

Today, I offer my knowledge and experience to those companies which wish to create a unique product, by supporting them to define an exclusive and highly competitive brand.

I invite you to visit my site where you can find plenty of pictures of my professional career, from the first historic glasses designed for the most important fashion brands during the ‘70s and ‘80s, to the creative drawings and executive projects, to my personal stylistic advice aimed at supporting the clients to ensure the success of  their collections.