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I am available to work with teams on site to personally deliver an advice service tailored to each company’s needs, ensuring:

  1. a strong support to the creative team in order to define a product style completely reflecting the brand image;
  2. advice and guidelines required by the company’s designers to create the new collection models;
  3. a valuable contribution of illustrative material (tableau) and historical products, selected from BALBI archive, to define an appropriate project plan, as well as the supply of drafts and drawings allowing to outline the stylistic character of the new products;
  4. development of realistic projects by means of computer graphics and supply of electronic medium;
  5. project analysis aimed at a correct evaluation of the guidelines and development of new models in line with the company’s business targets;
  6. prototype checking to ensure the execution of new models is consistent with the original concept, as well as the ergonomic and proportional specifications
  7. qualified help in choosing the colour range and the single details for any new model, to create innovative products capable of conveying a brand image suited to market demand and fashion system expectations.
  8. short stays on site to provide direct advice on a specific project for the development of a new product line or in support of the company style department.